Hybrid stereo amplifier. Input stage based on PCC88 and 6N6 or 6N30 tubes, output stage on mosfet transistors, fully symmetrical audio track from input to push-pull output and pure class A. The amplifier has a solid-state protection on the speaker output, delayed speaker feedback and control. Remote control including: volume control, balance, change of inputs.

Important features:

  • The use of mosfet transistors ensures proper operation with most loudspeakers


  • Voltage lamps: two PCC88 and 6N6 or 6N30 (per channel)
  • Load impedance: from 2 Ohm
  • Output power: 2 x 50 to 150 W
  • Frequency response: 5 - 60 000 Hz
  • Power consumption: 500 W
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 41 cm