AUDIO-AKUSTYKA is a producer of high quality tube amplifiers which have been created with the needs of even the most demanding enthusiasts in mind. Our company has been working with tube amplifiers since 1999. We specialize in building integrated push-pull amplifiers without transformers speaker (OTL), working in class A. In our constructions we apply our own design layouts using innovative technologies and only the highest quality parts, so that we are able to achieve the best sound out of our tube amplifiers.

Our products differ from the competition, as we use only the highest quality parts and our original designs all at attractive prices. In our construction we only use the highest quality parts, high power toroidal transformers, NOS tubes, metallic resistors and silver-coated copper wire. Wanting to grant even the most sophisticated needs of our clients, we design and construct different versions of amplifiers enclosures for the specific needs of our clients. For the production of housings we use only stainless steel sheet.

Original design

Our products are distinguished by unique, original design.

High quality components

Our products stand out for its reliability through the use of high quality components.

Compatible with new technologies

Our products interact visually and technologically with the latest audio products.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the test of one of our products:

impetus test